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chunk fistnut 3 years ago
The fuck? She's not fat /or/ ugly. What's with this title??
Mustafa 3 years ago
She's not ugly and she so gorgeous
Bobby 3 years ago
She's not fat or ugly, she's lovely. He is a fucking arsehole, however.
3 years ago
Beautiful and def not fat wtf
3 years ago
I want to know what this girl's name is
wtf 2 years ago
she is pretty AF ,WTF IS THIS TITLE!? U MAD!
Fat? 3 years ago
Where?? Ugly??
Tyr 3 years ago
He can’t even get a face shot half the time the clown he puts every cunt off with his annoying voice, fuck off cunt
Carl7Severn 3 years ago
This babe is super hot and such a filthy mouth, love it!
Inventive 3 years ago
Nice girl so sexy and really gorgeous